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The perfect place for pets and their people
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"Your academy is so well-structured, informative, helpful, thoughtfully crafted, and provides a great opportunity to practice the skills students will need to be successful. I can't say enough good things about it and feel lucky I was able to attend. I hope you will "pardon my French", but I think my favorite thing is that you don't bullshit (which I hate), and you provide really honest, useful feedback. I love your straightforward, matter-of-fact approach while still being able to say "there are no hard and fast rules; try it and see what happens". So that's what I'll do. And if I get stuck, I'll ask for help. I hope you will continue to be available to me for questions and discussions as I take on this new career."
-- Shannon Kole (Course 2 Graduate)

"I loved this course from start to finish! The atmosphere and learning environment was a great example of how it should be. I've been training for over 30+ years, and value education. This course was well worth my time and money. I would recommend it to anyone. These people are in the Dog Training World.
-- Michele LaBagh, CPDT (Course 1 Graduate)

"You put a face on the way I've always felt dogs should be viewed by people. Your philosophy is mine . . . I just hadn't seen it expressed. Thank you!"
-- Don MacNeil (Course 1 Graduate)

"The experience I had at All Dogs Academy was wonderful. Gail, Shari, and Wendy are truly the Best of The Best. They are masters at their craft and their years of experience shine through in their lectures and their teachings. My days in the classroom were filled with life lessons and experiences openly shared by all three instructors. And the learning does not stop once you leave the classroom. There have been many times I have come across a training question, whether it be with a client or my own personal dogs, and all three instructors have always been available for any questions or difficulties I might come across, that only their years of experiences could clear up. My training business is growing steadily and I hope to further my education by attending All Dogs Academy's Grooming School. I would highly recommend All Dogs Academy to anyone who wants to learn from the best! Whether it be to start your own business of just enhance a hobby or a passion, this is the place to gain the knowledge to do what you want to do. My only regret in going to All Dogs Academy, is not finding them sooner!
-- Melanie Perrault (Course 2 Graduate)

"What impressed me most about my training at All Dogs Academy was the obvious respect and devotion of the staff toward truly understanding dogs. There was none of the "dominating" of the dog, that is sadly so prevalent with other training philosophies. I feel that we all left with a knowledge that training a dog is about respect and cooperation and that it can actually be fun for the trainer and the dog!"
-- Tracy Powers (Course 1 Graduate)

"Overwhelmingly exceeds expectations. It is heartwarming to discover a new world of dog lovers that see the dog as a partner for life, and teach and preach mutual respect. Just join this class!!
-- Giora Liran (Course 1 Graduate)

"I was so impressed with the Academy - the teachers and teaching method. The layout was perfect, frequently breaking up the lessons with lecture, demo and practicing the behaviors. I can't believe how much I've learned so quickly. I'm excited for how much more I have to learn, too! All of you are so positive and encouraging and your teaching style really works well."
-- Stacey Kauffman (Course 1 Graduate)

"This was a life-changing experience. The class included much more than I could have anticipated."

"The instruction and environment was great! You guys made everyone very comfortable. I loved all of it. You guys rock."
-- RC

"This [course] gave me much more confidence in my training abilities. All the instructors are very knowledgeable and very easy to approach if I had questions or concerns. I'm looking forward to the next Academy course. Great job!!"
-- CV
"Excellent course -- can't wait for the Trainer's Course. This was a great experience!
-- DL

"I loved the course. I thought it was a great balance of instruction, lecture and training. All three instructors spoke clearly. The atmosphere was really comfortable."
-- SAM

"I'm so impressed with the level of knowledge that you all have, and your willingness to share. Bring on the next one ASAP! I love coming here and learning from the BEST!"
-- RF

"I like this course! I learned a lot from listening to others' questions and problems, plus this class really put into action lots of the theory I've been reading."
-- JW

"You guys are super! My gut feeling is not all training schools teach their students in a way that they are sure to succeed as you have done with us. THANK YOU for that!"
-- SH

"I would absolutely recommend this course. A great experience and you guys rock!"
-- LC

"Very professional. Wealth of knowledge and expertise, and mix of lecture and training sessions works well!"
-- SK

"I liked working with the variety of dogs. It was helpful to see that all doesn't go as planned, and that you have to adapt to how the dog is behaving."
-- DS

"I love this program! I would (and have) recommend the Academy to anyone who wants to learn more about dogs and dog training."
-- RF

"I have great new tools for my toolbox and I hope to see you all again for the second phase of my learning. This has been a wonderful experience - I only wish it were closer. Ever think of a satellite All Dogs?"
-- TH

"Awesome class - well organized and extremely informative."
-- LM

"This was so much more than I expected!"
-- NL

"Absolutely excellent course! Instructors were so knowledgeable and professional! It was a privilege to have been in this class!
-- SK

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