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The perfect place for pets and their people
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How long have you been in existence?
We’ve been offering comprehensive courses in a variety of dog-related professions for over 30 years. Our Training Academy programs are based on the first-in-the-world two-year University certificate course that Gail Fisher developed and taught at the University of New Hampshire from 1978-1981, and she's been teaching this program continuously since then. Gail also designed and taught courses at UNH on Practical Dog Breeding and Dog Behavior. We’ve been on the scene for decades—and our track record of graduates who are currently earning a living in dogs demonstrates our success.

How do I know your school is the best for me? Our longevity and our track record speak for themselves. Our graduates include successful business owners, authors, well-known seminar presenters, vet techs, top competitors, groomers, and entrepreneurs in virtually every dog-related profession. We stand behind our education, and are here to support our students, past, present and future.

Do you have a placement service? We often get employment requests from businesses looking to hire our graduates, and we pass these along to them. Additionally, graduates receive preferential treatment when we, ourselves, are hiring. Some schools imply that they help you get a job. Because getting hired is really up to each individual, we can’t promise that. But we can promise to give you the tools to create your own future.
What are some careers your graduates are involved in? We have graduates who are running successful dog daycares and grooming shops. Our graduates teach classes, work for veterinary hospitals as vet techs and trainers, do in-home and private training, show dogs and compete in conformation, breed, agility, rally and dance. We have graduates who run non-profit organizations, are involved in rescue and therapy dogs, volunteer at shelters rehabilitating problem dogs. And some of our graduates have made it to the “big time”—well-known authors and seminar presenters. You name it, and we likely have a graduate who is doing it!
How is your school different from other “training” schools? The staff of All Dogs Academy and its parent, All Dogs Gym and Inn has an extensive range of backgrounds and experience that cover virtually every dog-related endeavor and career. Using our knowledge, experience and expertise, we’ve developed a curriculum that works—we know, because we’re in the business, we’ve done it and we’re doing it! We help our students meet their ultimate goals, no matter what they are. Whatever your interests, we don’t just talk about it—we’ve done it.

Can I take the courses out of order? What if I don’t think I need one of them, and just want to take the others? We have had students in the past who have felt they could skip a stage—and both we and they have regretted it. Even if you have prior knowledge, you will learn a great deal from every stage of our training program. Each course builds on the previous one. Plus our courses cover a broad range of important, relevant information that is simply not offered in other schools.

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