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The perfect place for pets and their people
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Professional Dog Training School
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To understand what our dog training academy offers you, it’s helpful to understand the differences between dog training methods, and what to consider when looking for the best Professional Dog Training School and the best training method for you:

Most dog training methods focus on two things: the mechanics, that is, the physical procedures for the trainer to follow, and the exercises, the behaviors to train such as “sit,” “down,” and “heel.” The specific method combines mechanics with exercises: This is how to train the dog to (blank) by luring; this is how to train it with physical placement. Regardless of what you train a dog to do—whatever activities, sports, or occupations you want to train—the method includes specific instructions to reach the goals. Think of it as the recipe for training.

In our Professional Dog Training Academy, you learn far more than recipes. Clicker training is neither exercise-based or mechanics-based. Of course you will learn how to train basic behaviors, but you learn so much more. A comprehensive, quality dog training education goes well beyond the basics. We teach how to influence dog learning in the easiest, most dog-friendly, profound ways. Far more than learning a recipe for teaching each behaviors, our students learn how to train based uniquely on principles—the laws of learning.

When you understand these principles, you’re good-to-go, to fully train dogs: Training beyond the exercises; understanding and influencing how dogs learn anything—not simply in “training” but in every-day interactions that result in the dog of your (and your clients’) dreams.
But wait, there’s so much more. Take a look at the breadth of topics in the articles on this website. We are far more than dog trainers—we are dog advocates. Our courses teach you to be a dog trainer, and so much more—including a broad range of topics that affect dog behavior from diet to genetics to instincts and more. You'll study the relationship between dogs and owners, teaching people to understand their dogs, and maximizing the quality of life for dogs. The breadth of topics you'll learn will not only make you a better trainer, they make you a better "dog person."

If this is the kind of dog trainer you want to be, All Dogs Academy is the place for you.

(To learn more about how we practice what we teach, visit All Dogs Gym & Inn website.)

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