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The perfect place for pets and their people
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Gail Fisher
- With over 15 years experience as a Professional Groomer, and over 30+ years experience as a Professional Dog Trainer and Behaviorist, Gail is known as "the trainer's trainer." Named by Our Dogs Magazine (England) as one of the top five lecturers internationally on dog behavior, Gail designed and taught the first University course for Obedience Instructors – a 2-year program at the University of NH, as well as courses a course for Dog Breeders. She brings her philosophy about dog/owner relationships and dog/groomer relationships to her teaching position with All Dogs Academy. Her perspective and skills for developing a cooperative relationship with the dogs we groom, and the importance of groomers recognizing, understanding and appreciating dog behavior and communication make our Grooming Academy unique.

Dannielle Gagnon Co-Director of Student Training at All Dogs Academy. With over 16 years’ experience as a professional groomer, Dannielle believes that dog grooming is an art as well as a skill, instilling in her students the importance of achieving the balance and polish that separates the good groomer from the great. In addition to a passion for grooming, Dannielle has a wealth of experience with dogs, having started with All Dogs Gym as one of our Day Care chaperones. Dannielle’s clients and students benefit from her outstanding handling skills and compassion for the dogs she grooms, focusing on understanding and creating a connection with the dogs she grooms to reduce their stress for an anxiety-free grooming experience.

Pam Stafford – With over 20 years experience in the field, Pam is Manager of the Grooming Salon and Spa at All Dogs Gym. Prior to moving to New Hampshire, Pam owned and operated her own successful grooming salon. She also has a background in Sales and Marketing Communications, where she worked for over seven years. Pam brings to the Academy tremendous knowledge of the grooming business combined with her positive attitude, management skills and an overriding philosophy of delivering great customer service.

Other Instructors – From time-to-time, other groomers and trained professionals may participate in the educational experience of our Grooming Academy students.  


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