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The perfect place for pets and their people
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Here's a sampling of what the courses in our Professional Trainers' School cover:

The Fundamentals of Training

  • The 10 Steps to Training - start to finish - and beyond.

  • What every trainer needs to know

    • Reading dogs & tailoring training to the individual's needs

    • What is "a behavior" and how to get it

    • Cues - When, how & what

    • Building the dog's repertoire of learned behaviors

    • Shaping, luring, modeling, capturing, targeting, chaining - what's it all mean? When to do what and how.

    • Taking trained behaviors to heights you never imagined.

  • Getting reliable responses

    • Fast

    • Accurate

    • Reliable - anywhere & everywhere

  • And much more!

Everything you ever wanted to know about dogs.
All about the factors that influence a dog's ability to learn and perform, and how to work with them or around them. Here are just a few of the factors:

  • Temperament & assessing temperament - working with shy, timid, and aggressive issues, as well as bold, outgoing dogs

  • Critical periods of psychological development - when to do what

  • Breeds (and mixes) & breed influences - working with instincts

  • Diet, nutrition, health & structure - They all influence learning and behavior, and you can maximize both the dog's and trainer's success

  • Body language & communication - reading the dog, communicating through body language, and eliminating stress

  • Socialization and raising puppies - what to introduce, how and when for the best dog possible.

Eliminating undesirable & problem behavior
Starting with typical problems encountered in classes, each unit builds the knowledge and skills of the trainer to deal with behavior problems.

  • Dealing with "typical" issues

  • Assessing and dealing with persistent behavior problems

  • Interview skills, techniques & procedures

  • Our 4-prong approach

    • Management techniques

    • Training alternative behaviors

    • The power of simple consequences

    • Behavior modification of dogs and their people

  • When to cry "uncle" - referring to the right professional for thorny problems

Hands-on Practical Dog Stuff
Students train and learn in our unique environment, including applying training principles to:

  • Grooming - from basic skills to rehabilitating dogs with grooming "issues"

  • Dog handling - reading & using body language. Reducing anxiety

  • Doggie Daycare - in our interactive pack - study dog interaction and communication

  • Kennel basics - reducing anxiety to create a stress-free environment

  • Manners, Agility, & Breed Handling classes - learn the skills and mechanics of teaching and running classes.

People Skills

  • Teaching group classes

  • Working with private training clients

  • Dealing with difficult people

  • Helping owners

    • Assessing and establishing goals

    • Reaching goals

    • Transferring knowledge to last them the dog's lifetime

Starting & Running a Business

  • What you need to know to start or improve your own business

  • The profitability of classes, in-home training and boarding training

  • Know your market

  • Advertising & promotion

  • Record keeping

And so much more

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